FLEXnet License Server Setup

Instructions for obtaining licensing server to accompany purchase of concurrent product licenses.

All four steps have to be completed in order to run the server successfully. If you have already installed the current version of the server and need to add more licenses, go directly to the step 4.

Step 1 - Download

Platform Borland Release Date FLEXnet Version Size
Solaris 9 October 2, 2007 11.4.1 8,585 KB
RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 October 2, 2007 11.4.1 2,238 KB
Windows NT, 2000, XP October 2, 2007 11.4.1 9,802 KB

FLEXnet End Users Guide: enduser.pdf

Step 2 - Install

Unpack the archive to a directory on the host machine.

Step 3 - Obtain hostid

Run the hostid utility: lmhostid.exe (on Windows) or lmhostid (on UNIX). The output of the utility should look like the following:

lmhostid - Copyright (C) 1989-2001 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
The FLEXnet host ID of this machine is "00065bdc7930"

Make a note of the host ID.

Note: For FLEXnet Three Server Redundancy solution, please obtain the hostname, IP address, and hostid for all servers. You will then need to create an installation case through Customer Support asking for a "FLEXnet Three Server Redundancy":

Step 4 - Host licenses and download configuration files

The process of generating configuration files is called "hosting." In order to log into the License Hosting site, you will need the login name and password provided with your License Certificate. Click this link to access the License Hosting site:

License Hosting

If you encounter errors or technical difficulties with the installation of this software, please contact technical support.